WE PROVIDE access to

Nano-Fabrication and
imaging technology

Who we are?

We are scientists, engineers and technicians dedicated towards elevating the level of research in our community by making microfabrication technology and imaging accessible. We maintain and operate an open access shared user facility equipped to build and inspect microscopic gadgets.

Build devices

using Our Facility:

Learn to use state-of-the-art microfabrication equipment to build your own devices. We provide equipment training, advice, project assessment and core technologies to facilitate your success.

Inspect Samples

USING Powerful Microscopes:

Learn to use state-of-the-art microscopes to inspect microscopic structures.

access Micro and Nano technology

through OUR services:

Microfabrication technology has a steep learning curve and requires a significant amount of commitment to get started. Use our expertise to realize your project objectives sooner without stepping foot into the lab.


to determine the best approach to solve your problem
to access the lab and our services