Standard Operating Procedure

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a document that serves as a foundation for initial training and ensures that an equipment can be operated correctly, by everyone, the first time, and every time. The SOP is written by an experienced staff and instructions are communicated via photographs, annotations and text. A physical copy of the SOP is available by each equipment. An operator can access the digital version by scanning a QR code on the equipment. The digital version is always up-to-date and allows the operator to provide feedback to further improve the instructions.

UHNF Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

In an academic research environment, equipment custodians must manage a broad range of operator experience and varying frequencies of research activity. Operator error typically occurs during the learning phase or after a long period of inactivity. To help operators during these vulnerable moments and protect the equipment from accidental harm, we developed an advanced standard operating procedure technology. Since its implementation in 2018, we have effectively eliminated operator error which reduced reduced maintenance cost and freed up staff time.

Our library of SOP is available in the Core Technology section below. 

We have developed a guide for the preparation of a standard operating procedure. Make a copy of the guide to use it as a template for your own SOP.

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Core Technology

Equipment SOPTypeTechnology
ABM Mask AlignerLithographyPhotolithography
Jeol JBX-5500FSLithographyElectron Beam Lithography
Nanonex NX-2004LithographyNanoimprint Lithography
Asylum Research MFP-3D Origin+MicroscopyAtomic Force Microscopy
FEI DB235MicroscopyFocused Ion Beam
FEI XL-30MicroscopyScanning Electron Microscopy
Filmetrics Profilm3DMicroscopyProfilometry: Optical 3D
Oxford Instrument RIE 180EtchingReactive Ion Etching
Oxford Instrument RIE 100EtchingReactive Ion Etching
Oxford Instrument RIE 80EtchingReactive Ion Etching
KRI KDC75EtchingIon Milling
AJA ATC-2200DepositionSputtering
Denton Desk IIDepositionSputter Coating
Brewer Cee 200XDepositionSpin Coating
Custom Thermionics Ebeam EvaporatorDepositionElectron Beam Evaporation
Accuthermo AW410OthersRapid Thermal Processor
ShelLab SVAC1OthersVacuum Oven
Torrey Pines HS60OthersProgrammable Hotplate