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Microfabrication technology is an art that demands proficient operation of sophisticated scientific equipment, process knowledge spanning 40 years of research and development, and practical experiences to consistently make novel devices while effectively blindfolded. Making a microscopic device is a unique endeavor that is exclusive to graduate students seeking a doctorate degree in science or engineering. It can take many years of research and development to produce the first functional device with many more years of optimization, so it is common practice to form collaborations to access existing technology. However, with the development of core process technologies, it is increasingly possible for an academic microfabrication facility to provide fabrication services for a fee.

Since our inception in 2009, UHNF has invested in core technologies aimed towards broadening the accessibility of microfabrication technology. Lab management practices help new members operate safely and protect the equipment from misuse. Core equipment processes reduces research and development time for new projects and enable cost effective fabrication services. We also work with external service providers to compliment our capabilities.



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