A stencil is a sheet of metal or plastic with a pattern cut out of it. A stencil can be used as a mask for deposition or patterning. While it is possible to fabricate a stencil at UHNF, it is currently faster, cheaper and more reliable to use a stencil maker service.

Stencils manufactured by a company use lasers providing 25 [μm] minimum features in stainless steel and 75 [μm] minimum features in polyimide film. Individuals can get their design manufactured at a rate of less than $2 per square inch in either stainless steel or polyimide film.

How It Works

1. Project Specification

Contact us to inquire about your project. We will discuss the feasibility of your project and explain the risks involved. Then we will determine the specifications for the project and provide a rough estimate for the cost and lead time.

2. Quote

We will provide an itemized quote detailing the cost of the project. We charge for supplies, labor and equipment time.

3. Work Report

The work is meticulously documented to ensure quality. The report may contain inspection data, special processing information, interesting observations, recommendations for improvement, and anything the customer requests.