Ion Milling

Ion milling is a technique for subtracting materials from a sample. This is achieved by bombarding the sample with argon, causing the atoms on the surface of the sample to vaporize. This technique can remove materials at a rate of up to 1 [nm/s].


Sample Size3" Wafer or
4" Wafer or
Custom Size
Mill Rate0 to 2 [nm/s]
Beam Energy0 to 600 [V]
Beam Current Density0 to 20 [W/cm2]
Uniformity< 2%
Sample Distance30 [cm]

Core Technology

Core TechnologyDescription
SOP: KRI KDC75This document is the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the KRI KDC75 ion mill system at UHNF. This SOP serves as a foundation for initial training and ensures that the equipment can be operated correctly, by everyone, the first time.
SSP: KRI KDC75This is a service manual we developed for the KRI KDC75 ion mill system at UHNF. This document ensures that any staff can effectively perform routine service or repairs effectively, quickly and at significantly lower cost. This document is restricted to equipment custodians. Contact us for access.
UniformityThe ion mill uniformity is approximately 3% across a 4" Wafer
Sample HeatingThis ion mill does not have sample cooling. A 4" Silicon Wafer will heat up to 260 C in just a minute of processing.