Spin Coating

Spin coating is a technique for depositing material from a liquid source. A solid material is dissolved into a liquid solvent and dispensed onto a substrate. The substrate is spun at a high speed to spread the material into a thin uniform film. The material solidifies as the solvent evaporates.

Brewer Cee 200X

Sample Size100 [mm] Wafer or
75 [mm] Wafer or
Custom Size
Spinning Speed0 to 6000 [rpm]

Core Technology

Core TechnologyDescription
SOP: Brewer Cee 200XThis document is the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the Brewer Cee 200X spin coater at UHNF. This SOP serves as a foundation for initial training and ensures that the equipment can be operated correctly, by everyone, the first time.
Thickness DataThe spin coating thickness can vary depending on the environment and sample size. Our experiences show that the film thickness is approximate half of what is shown in the manufacturer datasheet. This document contains the spin speed vs film thickness data for PMMA, HSQ and AZ1512.
Adhesion PromoterAdhesion promoters are applied to improve the adhesion of a spin coated film to a material. In this report, we explore various products to improve the adhesion of AZ1512.
SSP: Brewer Cee 200XThis document is the standard service procedure (SSP) for the Brewer Cee 200X spin coater at UHNF. This SSP ensures that any staff can effectively perform routine service or repairs correctly, the first time. This document is restricted to equipment custodians. Contact us for access.


Process DevelopmentLearn how to develop a robust electron beam lithography process and contribute towards making nanofabrication technology more accessible.
GuideMicrochemicals does a great job explaining spin coating technology. Visit their website to learn about every aspect of spin coating.
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