Directly Observe the Problem

Powerful microscopes extend our abilities to see, feel and better understand the world beyond our natural senses. Much like how the optical microscope has changed our understanding of biology and materials, there are nanoscopes that reveal a world smaller than microscopic! In this world, our experiences cloud the truth and often lead us astray. Microscopy allow us to set aside our biases from experience, education, and pride to observe what is really there. Nature has no obligation to make any sense to us, but figuring it out has lead to vast improvements in our society.

UHNF maintain a suite of state-of-the-art microscopes that is accessible to everyone. We provide training, advice and openly share our experiences to provide the broadest access to our technology. 


Electron Microscope

Inspect your samples with up to 800,000X magnification!

Focused Ion Beam

Interact with your sample via probe manipulation, ion beam milling, and ion beam deposition while imaging with up to 800,000X magnification!

Atomic Force Microscope

Interact with your sample using atomically sharp probes to characterize topography, piezoelectric properties, magnetic properties, mechanical properties, and more!


Measure surface roughness and step height