Optical 3D Profilometry

Optical 3D Profilometry is a technique to measure the topography of a sample using a microscope. This is achieved by using a special lens to take photos as we scan the focus from beneath to above the sample. The computer will process the image stack to produce a topography map of the sample. This technique is very fast and very accurate.

Filmetrics Profilm3D

Description50x Objective10x Objective
Compatible Samples75 [mm] wafer or
100 [mm] wafer or
custom chip
75 [mm] wafer or
100 [mm] wafer or
custom chip
Stage Range100 [mm] x 100 [mm]100 [mm] x 100 [mm]
Vertical Range10 [mm]10 [mm]
Vertical Resolution0.1 [nm]1.0 [nm]
Height Accuracy0.7%0.7%
Lateral Resolution0.5 [um]1 [um]
Field of View2.0 [mm] x 1.7 [mm]0.4 [mm] x 0.34 [mm]
Image StitchingYesYes


Core Technology

Core TechnologyDescription
SOP: Profilm3DThis document is the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the ABM Mask Aligner at UHNF. This SOP serves as a foundation for initial training and ensures that the equipment can be operated correctly, by everyone, the first time.