Rates Effective 9/1/2020

ToolTypeUH2 [$/Hr]Other Academic [$/Hr]Non Academic [$/Hr]
ABM Mask AlignerPhotolithography4567.5100
AR MFP-3D-Origin+zAtomic Force Microscopy2030100
Denton Desk IISputtering Coating203075
Custom EvaporatoreBeam Evaporator101575
FEI DB235Electron Microscopy2537.5150
Custom Ion MillIon Mill101575
Elionix ELS-G1005eBeam Lithography60133.1425
OI Plasmalab 100 ICPDeep Reactive Ion Etcher6090150
Allwin AW 410 RTPRapid Thermal Processor101575
Brewer Cee 100XSpin Coater000
AJA ATC-2200Sputtering3045150
Filmetrics Profilm3D3D Optical Profilometer
Nanonex NX-2004Nanoimprinter101575
Cleanroom Access33552.5100
  1. Self-use is charged at the base rate
  2. Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) Member Institutions are charged at the UH Rate
  3. Cleanroom Access is a daily rate
  4. Staff Service rate is charged in addition to any equipment rate
  5. This equipment is owned an operated at Rice University Shared Equipment Authority. Rice University is a member of GCC.