Rates Effective 9/1/2020

ToolTypeUH2 [$/Hr]Other Academic [$/Hr]Non Academic [$/Hr]
ABM Mask AlignerPhotolithography4567.5100
AR MFP-3D-Origin+zAtomic Force Microscopy2030100
Denton Desk IISputtering Coating203060
Custom EvaporatoreBeam Evaporator101575
FEI XL-30Electron Microscopy2537.5100
FEI DB235Focused Ion Beam5075150
Custom Ion MillIon Mill101575
Jeol JBX-5500FSeBeam Lithography6090200
OI Plasmalab 80Reactive Ion Etcher6090100
OI Plasmalab 100Reactive Ion Etcher6090100
OI Plasmalab 100 ICPDeep Reactive Ion Etcher6090150
Allwin AW 410 RTPRapid Thermal Processor101550
Brewer Cee 100XSpin Coater000
AJA ATC-2200Sputtering3045150
Nanonex NX-2004Nanoimprinter101550
Cleanroom Access33552.5100
Staff Service4150150150
  1. Self-use is charged at the base rate
  2. Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) Member Institutions are charged at the UH Rate
  3. Cleanroom Access is a daily rate
  4. Staff Service rate is charged in addition to any equipment rate
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