Build Microscopic Gadgets

Microfabrication technology is the most precise method to build things. By microfabricating nanoscopic valves to control the flow of electrons, engineers were able to cram over 8 billion of these valves into a square centimeter chip to build the brains of a smartphone. The same technology is involved in making every other component in the smartphone such as the camera, screen, touch, wifi, bluetooth, cellular, etc. Microfabrication technology is applied beyond electronics to make microscopic mechanical systems and microscopic fluid systems. This provides a very unique opportunity to build devices at the same scale as cells.

UHNF maintain a suite of state-of-the-art microfabrication equipment that is accessible to everyone. The staff regularly use the equipment to fabricate devices for external members and develop core technologies. We provide training, advice and openly share our experiences to provide the broadest access to our technology.

Combine patterning, deposition and etching technology to build your gadget


Create custom patterns to define structures


Deposit materials to grow functional structures


Etch materials to remove unwanted structures


Use other processing technology to further customize your gadget