Sputtering is a technique for depositing a variety of materials onto a substrate. This is achieved by bombarding a material with argon causing the atoms on the surface of the material to vaporize and coating everything inside the vacuum chamber. This technique can deposit materials at a rate of up to 0.1 [nm/s].

AJA ATC-2200

Sample Size3" Wafer or
4" Wafer or
Custom Size
Deposition Uniformity2% across 3" Wafer
Target MaterialAg, AgAl, AgAu, Al, Au, AZO, Co, CoFe, Cr, Cu, Fe, FeGa, FeGaB, FeMn, IGZO, ITO, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb, NbTi, Ni, NiFe, Pd, Pt, Ru, Si, SiO2, Ta, Ti, V, W, Zn, ZnO, Zr
Target Dimension2" Diameter x 1/4" Tall
DC Power0 to 500 [W]
RF Power0 to 250 [W]
Sample Bias RF Power0 to 50 [W]
Sample Heatingup to 550 [C]
GasAr, O2, N2
Base Pressure5x10-8 [Torr]

Core Technology

Core TechnologyDescription
SOP: AJA ATC-2200This document is the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the AJA ATC-2200 ultra high vacuum sputtering system at UHNF. This SOP serves as a foundation for initial training and ensures that the equipment can be operated correctly, by everyone, the first time.
SSP: AJA ATC-2200This is a service manual we developed for the AJA ATC-2200 ultra high vacuum sputtering system at UHNF. This document ensures that any staff can effectively perform routine service or repairs effectively, quickly and at significantly lower cost. This document is restricted to equipment custodians. Contact us for access.
ProcessesThe Process Viewer is a searchable datable of all processes at UHNF. This database is used to often complete new projects during the first run.


Base PressureThe base pressure is an important process parameter. The trace gases are characterized for the AJA ATC-2200.
UniformityThe deposition uniformity is an important process parameter to control to ensure homogenous material properties across an entire wafer. The uniformity depends on the gun angle, gun position and throw distance. The uniformity is characterized for the AJA ATC-2200.
System GeometryThe sample to target distance is an important, yet often overlooked parameter when specifying a sputtering process. It affects the sputtering rate and sometimes the material properties. The standard process target to sample distance is approximately 17 cm.