KRI KDC75 Source Profile

The ion mill system is equipped with a KRI KDC75 ion source with defocused molybdenum grids and an automatic controller. The source was purchased new on 10/16/2014. Figure 1 is a snippet from the certificate showing the ion current density profile when measured 15 [cm] away from the source. The process parameters for the measurement is shown in the table below.

Cathode Voltage [V]9.2
Cathode Current [A]14.5
Discharge Voltage [V]40
Discharge Current [A]1.1
Beam Voltage [V]600
Beam Current [mA]120
Accelerator Voltage [V]-120
Accelerator Current [mA]3.0
Neutralizer Voltage [V]9.8
Neutralizer Current [A]11.6
Neutralizer Emission [mA]120
Argon [sccm]12
Pressure [mTorr]1.2
Figure 1: Measured ion source beam profile.