Project Assessment

Each nanofabrication facility has a unique toolset, public core technologies, private core technologies, private research group technologies, and a network of external services providing complementary capabilities. Please consult with us to determine the most effective approach to pursue your project. This is a free service to assess the viability of the project, determine a realistic plan and provide guidance.

How It Works

1. Preparations

Use the template to specify what you want to make to the best of your knowledge. Providing links to publications or examples is very helpful.

2. Schedule a Meeting

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss what you want to achieve. You do not need to know how to achieve it. It’s our job to determine whether your ideas are realizable using our technology.

3. Project Specification

After the meeting, we will prepare a formal specification for the project and share it with you. The initial project specification will include defined project goals, a proposed fabrication plan and anticipated challenges. We can continue to refine the plan until you are ready to commit.